Just-Released Lodging Feasibility Study Supports Hotel operation in Shamokin Region

Study shows 50-60 room establishment would be profitable

March 23, 2018

Spurrier Consulting Feasibility Study Concludes Feasibility of hotel operation in Shamokin area

A newly-released study by Spurrier Consulting, a lodging and hospitality consulting firm, has concluded that a hotel operation in the Shamokin area would be a profitable venture. Although Shamokin currently has no lodging establishment, demand for lodging has been geometrically increasing over the past few years, driven largely by the increasing popularity of Knoebel's Amusement Resort and the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, which together drive nearly a million annual visitors. 

Click on the following link for the full study:  www.norrycopa.net/documents/planning/ShamokinPennsylvaniaOctober2015.pdf