Rail-Served Sites

The following is a representation of just some of the many rail-served sites in Northumberland County. For more information, contact the Economic Development Office.

Yards 11 Satellite Image

Yards 11

Conveniently located on US Rte 11, Yards 11 is a 40+/- acre site that is virtually pad ready.

The site is serviced by North Shore Railroad, and would be ideal for a small distribution or manufacturing operation.

Reed Industrial Park Satellite Image

Reed Industrial Park

Reed Industrial Park is located in Shamokin and Ralpho Townships, and offers for immediate occupancy a 129,000 SF building, along with additional parcels of up to 32 acres.

Former Celotex Site Satellite Image

Former Celotex Site

This 27-acre site in Sunbury formerly was the site of a large manufacturer of home insulation products.  The site is served by municipal water and sewer and offers direct service by Norfolk Southern.

SEEDCO Industrial Park Satellite Image

SEEDCO Industrial Park

Located in Coal Township and Mt. Carmel Township, SEEDCO Industrial Park offers 750 acres, and is ideally suited to heavy manufacturing and/or industrial use. Currently serviced by North Shore Railroad via an adjacent transloading facility, a rail spur has been designed and engineered, making it “shovel ready” to accommodate the particular needs of future occupants of the site. The site offers full utilities infrastructure, with capacities sufficient to satisfy the most demanding operations.

JDM Property Development Site Satellite Image

JDM Property Development (Watsontown)

This 48-acre site is an ideal location for either manufacturing or distribution, with near-immediate access to the I-180 spur and Interstate 80 itself. All utilities are either onsite or adjacent, including an electric substation.

With more rail-served sites than nearly any other county in the Central Pennsylvania (Susquehanna River Valley) area, Northumberland County is uniquely poised to offer a variety of site-based solutions to manufacturing and distribution operations requiring rail as a component of operation. Northumberland County's many rail-served sites include sites ideal for distribution, with near-immediate access to Interstate 80 and the Highway 15 corridor, and for heavy manufacturing and/or industrial operations, such as the SEEDCO Industrial Park in Coal Township.

Most of Northumberland County's rail-served sites are serviced by North Shore Railroad [NSHR], a nationally recognized short line that consistently ranks among the best in the nation in terms of reliability, customer service, and track maintenance. Among the many accolades North Shore railroad has received is Railway Age's "2017 Short Line Railroad of the Year" award.

In eastern Northumberland County, the Reading and Northern Railroad [R&N], another exemplary short-line, provide service. Reading and Northern proudly boasts it 99% delivery rating on its guarantee of 2-hour delivery windows to its customers.

Both short lines are in turn serviced by Norfolk Southern Railroad [NFS], one of the nation's largest and most reliable first class carriers. Norfolk Southern's rail lines run north-south along Northumberland County's western boundary (The Susquehanna River), and Norfolk Southern provides direct service to customers and sites in Milton and Watsontown. The NFS/NSHR switchyard is conveniently located in Northumberland Borough, in Northumberland County, and transload facilities are available throughout the county.

In 2016-2017 during the construction of the Panda Power gas generation facility, NFS and NSHR successfully delivered over 20 "heavy haul" loads of critical turbine and generation assets, all without incident, and all on time.

Whether your operation requires one car per week or an entire unit train per day, railroads serving Northumberland County can meet your needs, and rail-served sites are available for virtually any size and type operation. Contact the Economic Development Office for more information on rail-served sites.